Puzzling and mysterious temples of India- having erotic carving on their walls

A temple in India is an institution which has played a notable part not only in the religious life of the people, but also in their social, cultural and economic history. There are a number of age old temples still exist and serving their primary purpose as places of worship.

Every temple has a statue or ‘murti’ of the Hindu god to whom the temple is dedicated, having some other sculptures on the walls of the temple. These sculptures depict Gods, Goddesses, and animals, with an underlying theme. There are some ancient temples also have sculptures symbolizing the eternal bond between male and female gender and describes a great variety of lovemaking postures.
Hindus believe in the existence of 330 million gods and the most amazing thing is that they even have a god for sex – Kama. It is such a mysterious question to have these most sensuous, erotic, and aesthetic sculptures on the walls, although the temples is such a holy and religious place.

There are many theories and rumors having these kind of sculptures on the walls like giving equal importance to the secular and the spiritual, rejuvenate the interest of the peoples toward the earthly activities like sex, worlds first sex book Kamasutra, sex education and the most acceptable is that a person have to leave all his desires outside before entering inside the temple.
Whatever the reason be but I am sure that, these erotic sculptures may appear vulgar, but the eternal beauty of these erotic sculptures the deities residing inside the temple will definitely amaze you.

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
khajuraho-temple-madhya-pradeshKhajuraho temple is situated in Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho is a group of temples and internationally famous for the erotic sculptures that enrich the walls. Architecturally these temples are unique. Today, Khajuraho is one among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for the various sculptures and statues that portray different sexual positions as defined in the Kama Sutra.

These amazing sculptures seen outside and inside inner shrine is really eye-catching. These temples are such a fulcrum for the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual (LGBT) community. Annual dance festival held in the month of February which conducted in Khajuraho temple attracts thousands of tourists from all over the globe. During this festival dancers from all over the country come and participate here.

Sun Temple, Konark Orissa
sun-temple-konark-orissaDedicated to the Sun God, Konark Temple is built in the form of Chariot of Sun God. It magnanimously portrays the chariot driven by the 7 horses of sun god and 12 pairs of wheels. The eight night wheels depict eight different sexual postures. Around the base of the temple, up to the walls and roof there are sculptures of couples in varied postures of in erotic style. These Kamsutra poses are sculptured on the walls as the messengers of the history. At the entrance of the temple man’s and woman’s sex organs depict as a form of waste water ejection. The temple is stocked with couples busy in copulating in varying postures. People from across the world, travel to India just to get a glimpse of this magnificent World Heritage Site.

Jagdish Temple
jagdish-temple-udaipurJagdish Temple is situated in the City Palace complex of Udaipur. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu God, Vishnu. It was built by Maharana Jagat Singh in 1651 having a touch of Indo-Aryan architecture.

The temple is 3 storied made up of carved pillars, ceilings and painted walls. The spire of the temple is around 79feet and is decorated with sculptures of dancers, elephants, horsemen and musicians. Apart from this on the outer walls of the temples there are some erotic sexual sculptures, showing the worldly pleasure.

Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneshwar
lingaraj-temple-bhubaneswarThis is a temple devoted to Hindu god “Shiva”. This temple is build with Oriyan architectural style and has been described as “the truest fusion of dream and reality”. The huge temple complex has numerous smaller temples and has lawns too. The unique feature of this temple is the Swayambhu Linga a merge of half Lord Vishnu and half Lord Shiva. The massive structure of the temple is about 147 ft high surrounded with beautifully carved fortified walls. The walls of the temples have the carvings of animals, birds, flowers, human figures and lot of erotic art and images from the Kamasutra.

Ranakpur Jain Temple
ranakpur-jain-templeJain temples of Ranakpur are renowned across the globe for its architectural splendours. It is made up of off-white marble and the complete structure stands over 1444 beautifully carved pillars. The temple has 24 pillared halls with 8 domes underpinned by 400 columns. There are a number of erotic and sexual imagery on temple walls and the more amazing is the fact that every wall is carved unlike the other.

The erotic carvings on the temples walls are not limited only on these temples. There are some other sacred Hindu temples having a lot of erotic art and images.

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