Weekend Gateways from Chennai

Chennai is a traveler’s paradise and referred to as the ‘Gateway to South India’ as most travelers start their exploration of the southern part of the country from this city. It is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a unique charm that sets it apart from the other major cities. This beautiful coastal city is home to ancient monuments, beautiful temples, forts and popular beaches.

Usually the Life of locals in Chennai starts after the sun sets. Besides sight-seeing, there are many other things to do that like a fulfilling experience of shopping, enjoying glittering nightlife, taking pleasure in the lip smacking dishes and roaming over the shiney sand if the beaches.

Apart from this If you want to relax to the busiest life of the city and roaring traffic then we are offering you some pleasuring tourist destinations close to the city. Here we are presenting the best weekend gateways from Chennai some of which are famous from ages and some are completely untouched and unexplored.
If you are preparing to holiday in the city then there are some outstanding weekend getaways from Chennai.


Distance from Chennai: 55 kms
Mahabalipuram is the land of rock-cut architectural legacy whose beauty summons tourists from several parts of the globe. It is the live example of Pal lava drawing and architecture. From wonderful rock cut shrines to the lovely golden beaches, Mahabalipuram is one of the much loved tourist destinations. Mahabalipuram also host a vibrant festival of Dance known as Mamallapuram Festival.

Places to Visit and Things to do:

Shorem Temple Mahabalipuram

Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram

There are various figures carved out on large rocks including Pancha Ratha (Five Rathas) and Cave Temples. Visit Thirukadalmallai, Shore Temple and Crocodile Bank.
You can Offer your prayers at the Mahabalipuram temple, enjoy a beautiful sunset view in the evening and indulge in water sports too.

Mahabalipuram is packed with a variety of cuisines. Enjoy eating a traditional South Indian food, try Grilled Fish, Vegetarian thali, local sea food etc.


Distance from Chennai: 72 km
Kanchipuram is a gorgeous city known as the Golden City of 1000 Temples; it is famous for its fantastic silk weaving. This city dazzling with the customs and prosperous inheritance of South India. Kanchipuram temples display the rich work of art and architectural magnificence of the Dravidians. Kanchipuram sarees are also known as Kanjuvaram sarees and are believed to be the most superior silk sarees in the world.

Places to Visit and Things to do

Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram

Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram

Visiting this city you would have wonderful opportunity to fulfill your dream of exploring magnificent south Indian temples. Visit several Vaishnava and Shiva Temples, Vedanthangla Bird Sanctuary and KanchiKudil.
Enjoy Bird watching and sightseeing. Do remember to pick up a couple of sarees from Kanchipuram.


South Indian Cuisine

South Indian Cuisine

Kanchipuram is famous for a variety of food options which attracts a huge number of tourists both from India and abroad. Enjoy typical south Indian foods during south India tours visit; also try a local dish name as ‘fourteen Idli’, a dish with 14 idlis and sambhar.


Distance from Chennai: 135 kumis
The richest temple of the world is a wonderful example of the Dravidian architecture and attracts devotees in large number every year. The main deity of the temple is Lord Venkatesawara a form of the Hindu god Vishnu. Visiting this place gives you some kind of satisfaction and you are absolutely at peace with yourself.

Places to Visit and Things to do

Lord Venkateswara Temple, Tirupati

Lord Venkateswara Temple, Tirupati

Visit the magnificent temple and other historical monuments of the city. At Tirupati, Tirumala Brahmotsavam festival is celebrated for nine days and is organized every year during September and October.
You can shop for woodcarving, Calamari work and unique handicraft items are also available in Tirupati.

As Tirupati is a holy place so you can get only vegetarian food at Tirupati, enjoy south Indian food on banana leaf and also try Rayalseema delicacies.


Distance from Chennai: 161 kumis
Pondicherry is such a perfect weekend gateway offers a great opportunity to explore beaches, churches, mosques and historical monuments. Epiphanies your life and mind as you let yourself loose, feel the salty air of the beach and let the pristine waters take over your senses.

Places to Visit and Things to do

Mahe Beach, Pondicherry

Mahe Beach, Pondicherry

Enjoy boating, fishing and other water sport adventures, ayurvedic health centres and spa treatments. Also enjoy shopping of the latest trends of accessories, clothes, artistic paintings, handmade crafts and exquisite artifacts.

Pondicherry hosts a wide range of authentic and fusion cuisines including South-Indian, French, Italian, Arabian, Chinese and Vietnamese. Taste some great food, cooked in traditional style and drink some fine variety of wine.


Distance from Chennai: 227 kumis
Get away from the chaos of city life, and take in the fresh air and natural surroundings in Yelagiri. It offers many possibilities for tourists, be it sightseeing, adventure sports or even just simply relaxation. The lush green surroundings of the hills with flourishing valleys, terrific rose gardens and orchards create a magical sight.

Places to Visit and Things to do

Paragliding, Yelagiri

Paragliding, Yelagiri

Visit Jalagamparal Waterfalls, Punganoor Lake and Park, Don Bosco Center, Swami Malai, Velavan temple, Jolarpet plains Vainu Bappu Solar Observatory.
Go for boating at Swamimalai and enjoy paragliding at Yelagiri Hills. The Yelagiri Adventure Sports Association (YASA) offers a number of thrilling sports.

Enjoy Local Food and Cuisine of Yelagiri. There are a number of hotels and restaurant spread throughout the city. Do not forget to taste the delicious street food.

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