Highlights of Kerala during Exotique Tour

Green paradise of earth Kerala is situated in the south western part of India, it is famously known as God’s Own Country, gifted with superb beauty of nature and exotic backwater beaches. Laced with fringes of coconut trees along side crystal-clear blue beaches, this coastal state provides a mystical retreat to one’s eyes. Endowed with superb nature beauty and luxuriant jade greenery, it is truly a paradise on the earth.

A tour to Kerala offer a plate full of enchanting experiences and becomes the first choice of a visitor. From northern side of Kerala to the southern end, you will visit contrasting destinations each one offering distinct types of fun and entertainment. Exotique India tour packages are well trained and experienced and designed several types of Kerala tour packages, so that even if you are travelling for the first time, you have a smooth and enjoyable trip.
Every year tourists from each and every corner of the world come to Kerala to enjoy memorable vacation. Let’s list out the major attractions of Kerala tourism.

Charming Backwaters of Kerala
Kerala’s beauty lies in its backwaters which offer tourists delightful and memorable stay in the state. Backwaters of Kerala offer appealing beauty of nature to capture and enjoy worth seeing it. During the journey through the backwaters visitors explore the divine greenery and small villages all around where tourist can get an insight of the rural way of living and people busy in their daily works. The sunset is also mesmerizing sight that cannot be missed while travelling across the backwaters. The largest backwater stretch in Kerala is the Vembanad Lake, which flows through three districts and opens out into the sea at the Kochi port.
Enjoy the cruise over the scenic backwater of Kumarakom, Alleppey, Kollam, Kuttanad, and Kovalam, Cochin and see the real beauty the state for which is it globally acclaimed. These backwaters are most popular among those seeking adventure. A plethora of flourishing foliage including pandanus shrubs, palm trees and coconut trees grows at the shores of the backwaters which bestows a charming atmosphere around it.

Houseboats of Kerala
houseboat-keralaOne of the best options to enjoy the backwater cruise over this scenic backwater is hiring a houseboat that floating placidly takes you to the world of wonderment and evergreen paradise. These houseboats add more charm to the beauty of the backwaters. Houseboats are traditionally named as Kettuvallam, uniquely made up of wood sans a single nail. When the houseboat starts floating over the flawless waters and curve through the picturque pathways tourist will feel the charming attractions like paddy fields, beautyfull waterfalls, brooks, small villages, spice gardens and heritage attractions.

Beaches of Kerala
Kovalam fishing boatKerala has 600 km long shoreline adorned with charming beaches, which attract tourists from all over the world to spend an irresistible vacation in this gifted land. The unmatched beauty of the beaches and the fun filled environment makes it the hot tourist spot and the honeymooner’s paradise. Most of these beaches have beautiful temples or churches on their sides, which attract more people. Tourists can have unlimited fun enjoying the beach sports, wind surfing, beach volleyball, motorboat race, waterskiing and many other fun loving sports and activities.

Ayurveda-keralaKerala is also popular for its Ayurvedic treatments. The best part is that Ayurveda therapies go a long way in maintaining the well-being of a healthy person. Ayurveda of Kerala is much effective as this region has the most supply of herbs and other minerals that are vital for preparing the remedies required for many diseases and weakness. Several people from across the globe come to Kerala to pamper themselves with different Kerala Ayurveda treatments. There are plentiful sources of oils in Kerala, which are significantly used for the treatment.

Spices of Kerala
Spices of KeralaWhen the word Kerala comes in our mind, we automatically feel the fragrance of tea and spices around us. When in Kerala you need to gift yourself and your loved ones a packet of Spices. Kerala is famous from the ancient times for spices like black pepper, cardamom, cloves, dried ginger etc.

Kerala Dance
kerala-danceKathakali is the most renowned dance drama of all Kerala dances. It is a classical dance-drama known for its unique combination of literature, music, painting, acting and dance. it is a Story-Play usually performed only by men and female characters are performed by men dressed in women’s costume. Kathakali deserves special mention as it can be called an Icon of Kerala. The mask is made of fiber, painted and studded with gleaming stones. This dance is known round the world for its heavy hand gesture performance to convey the story. Mohiniattam and Koodiyattam the most sensuous dances are also famous in Kerala.

Food & Cuisine of Kerala
kerala-foodKerala’s food is hot and spicy. Several fresh spices are used while food preparation that gives a unique aroma and flavor to the food. You can tantalize your taste buds in every region in Kerala as every district has its own mouth-watering sumptuous delicacies which must not be missed at any cost. Rice and Coconut either chopped or grated, or its milk predominates almost all the dishes of this place and the food is mostly served on banana leaves.

Wildlife of Kerala
With the evergreen vegetation, expend and lively forests, Kerala is the home of different variations of flora and fauna which no tourist will ever miss to catch a glimpse While Periyar is the hall mark of Tiger, Thekkady is not less and is home to the wild animals that can be seen roaming freely in the evergreen paradise of lush greenery.

You can trek up towards the jungles and spend some delightful time exploring the unique wildlife of Kerala. Enjoying safari in these favored wildlife parks of Kerala, which will offer you with a unique memento to treasure.

Fairs and Festivals
boat-raceKerala is a land of festivals. The people love to indulge themselves in feasts and festivals. These festivals are a mark of family get-together. Onam is the most important festival of the state. Keralites also celebrate other popular festivals like Navaratri, Maha Shivratri, Nishagandhi Dance and Music Festival and Thiruvathira Festival.

In short tour of Kerala gives you physically and mentally feels of healing and freshness.

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